A Franciscan Postulant on Choosing Videography or Vows

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

December 04, 2016

Postulant Megan reflects on her call to be a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity.

Should I pursue a media career, or seriously discern religious life?”

This was a question that plagued my high school senior brain. I could remember my seven year old self telling a Sister at my Catholic school “I think I’ve been called!” Her words “keep listening” resounded. I had considered religious life every few years since then. Now, a decision needed to be made. Videography or vows? What was I going to do?Called to be Franciscan Postulant Megan

I decided to apply to Madison Media Institute because I believed I could serve God more through media. Now, I have entered an order that embraces the videography skills as I take steps towards making vows.

If we do not follow God’s Plan A, He sure can work wonders out of God’s Plan B.

In all seriousness though, I grew up on a dairy farm in Shawano, Wisconsin. Mass, Bible stories, and the rosary deeply influenced my childhood. I remained active in my faith throughout adolescence and my education in Madison. While being a freelance videographer, I met a devout Catholic man and we dated for little more than two years. I believed God was calling me to marriage, but as it turns out, Jesus was just showing me His love through my boyfriend until I was ready for a deeper relationship with Him. The break-up caused me to wonder if Jesus was calling me to religious life again.Postulant Megan and Tabernacle wide

I had worked on some video projects with Elizabeth Ministry, which is headquartered in what used to be St. Mary’s Convent in Kaukauna, Wisconsin (thank you to all of the Sisters who prayed for vocations there…God heard them). I decided to contact Sister Julie Ann [Sheahan] after checking out the FSCC website. To make a long story short, it would be another year before I made a discernment retreat. Though, Jesus truly transformed me within that year. I was ready to give my yes with an open heart and a surrendered spirit. Another visit to the Motherhouse, a novena to St. Clare, and many grace-filled experiences in between led me to ask to apply shortly before last Thanksgiving. All praise be to God!postulant-megan-and-sister

There have been so many moments of prayerful gratitude and joy since entering the FSCC this August. I truly feel comfortable being myself among the various personalities. There are older Sisters to gain wisdom from, younger Sisters to have recreation with, and laughs around every convent corner. Opportunities to learn, grow, and serve abound. franciscan-postulant-in-the-library-studying-theology-copy

The question used to be “what was I going to do?” Now, I do not even have to make a choice. I just need to pray for the grace to listen, and respond with a loving heart.

Is God calling you to be a Franciscan Sister? We invite you to contact us here or invite us to meet you where you are.

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