#SEEK2017: More with Franciscan Sisters

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 09, 2017

Franciscan Sisters are back in Manitowoc, WI after a safe bus ride from San Antonio, TX for SEEK2017. As promised, we wanted to share a bit more about what the event meant to some of the 12, 000 young adults that were present at the conference. franciscan-sisters-at-seek2017

Here’s just a summary of random thoughts.

It was a wonderful experience. After feeling that I didn’t belong, the speakers moved me to healing and thinking about others.

Before I came to SEEK2017, I thought I was coming to see friends. God used that and helped me to grow in my own identity and to desire change. I am on a journey of metanoia. franciscan-sisters-with-houghton-mi-students

God made me and created me because I was wanted.

My theme was ‘I am not alone’. I found these other guys on the River Walk running in the morning. The next day there were more. On Thursday I received a random text message from someone to meet him at a certain place.  I was walking and out of the crowd came this person that introduced himself. All of sudden I was introduced to another guy. The Holy Spirit seemed to just say that God is here to strengthen you and help you. You are not alone.franciscan-sisters-at-seek2017sessions

If you are really busy, you need to pray more, not less.

Does God really know you? Maybe not as He should. I need to start by just telling him what is going on.

All it takes is investing, digging deep into a few people. One person invests in 5 people. Those 5 invest in 5 people and you already have a full stage of changed individuals.

3 rules to follow: follow God’s voice; do your best and show people that you care, love them.franciscan-sisters-at-seek2017sessions2

God: I am not going to give you what you want. I am going to give you what you need. Stop trying to be the man, be the man that God created you to be. Love your brothers and sisters.

I came here with a lot of things on my mind. I learned that God is going to be there no matter what.

You are brave. You are strong.



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