Franciscan Sisters Serve with Badger Catholics

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 17, 2017

Franciscan Sisters at St. Peter Mission, Bapchule, AZ invited University of Wisconsin Madison Badger Catholic Students January 8-13, 2017 to experience life with them during the recent winter break. Eleven Badger Catholics arrived on the Gila River Reservation ready to discover the beauty of the people and the desert environment.Franciscan-Sisters-Bapchule-with-2017-Badger-Catholics2-copy

Some of visitors were interested in teaching and wanted to assist teachers in the classroom. Others helped out in the library, kitchen or worked with one of the Sisters in organizing rummage for distribution to needy families. All had daily interaction with the elementary school students at prayer time and in between classes. The children are the mission!Badger Catholics and St. Peter Mission students in front of church One reason for these service trips is to learn and grow in the values of Catholic Social Teaching by incorporating them into daily living. Prayer took action. Franciscan Sisters with Badger Catholics in small setting

Franciscan Sister Pamela Catherine Peasel, who acted as the local contact with the group, shared: “Another WONDERFUL group! Some are already planning on coming back in the spring. Their faith and desire to serve is incredible and inspiring!”Badger Catholics at Grand Canyon

After leaving St. Peter Mission early Friday morning, Badger Catholics captured a memorable image at the Grand Canyon before heading back to WI.


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