Franciscan Hymn: I Stand Amazed by Chelsea Moon

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

February 12, 2017

In ordinary and extra-ordinary times St. Francis grew to be ever amazed at how good God was in all circumstances of his life. In this spirit, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity spotlight Chelsea Moon’s I Stand Amazed.

The reason I selected “I Stand Amazed” for my second hymn album was first because I love songs that focus on the Cross. I also love the lyrical contrast between the first two verses and the choruses, from darkness to light, hence our changing the arrangement of the song to match lyrics with melody, in corresponding minor and major keys. The third and final chorus is joyful, looking to our future in heaven with Christ, hence the remainder of the song from that point forward, was arranged in a major key.

-Chelsea Moon

About Chelsea Moon

Chelsea is a recording and performing veteran who has contributed vocals to animated television hits for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, on shows including Jimmy Neutron, Fairly Odd Parents and Back At the Barnyard. (She is also the voice of Kasumi for the Dead or Alive video game series).

Chelsea released her sophomore album in March of 2012, entitled Hymn Project: Volume 2, in collaboration with two brothers from an Arkansas-based bluegrass family band, called the Franz Family. She had a big in arranging the collection of bluegrass hymns, and as an artist, she loved the challenge in having more ownership of the project from the ground up. She thoroughly enjoyed working with the brothers, (Emmett Franz on dobro & Caleb Franz on acoustic guitar & mandolin) and they completed a 5-month album release tour, from the Midwest US, Southern US, Arizona, California, and 7 countries in Continental Europe. Read  more.



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