Franciscan Sisters Participate in Vocation-Formation Workshop

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

March 07, 2017

On a recent early morning road trip, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Theresa Feldkamp, Sister Mariella Erdmann, Sister Mariadele Jacobs and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan drove to Malvern Retreat House, PA for a Formators Workshop Blessed are the Merciful: The Spiritual Works of Mercy in Formation. The CMSWR Formators Workshop hoped to provide an opportunity for formators and vocation directors to receive pertinent information and be educated through the lens of our Catholic faith, while dialoging with and learning from one another. Speakers, panel discussions, and times for Q&A were built into each day’s agenda.Franciscan Sisters at CMSWR Formation Workshop

At times this workshop had separate tracks for formators and vocation directors. Opportunities for Eucharist, Liturgy of the Hours, and meals together were also part of the workshop experience. Some of the speakers included: Rev. Philip Bochanski, Developing Affective Maturity in Formation, Rev. Gerald Dennis Gill, Forming Others to be Good Penitents, Sister John Sheila Galligan IHM, Forgiveness: The Name of Love in the Wounded World and Dr. Paul Vitz Obstacles to Forgiveness.malvern retreat house, PA2Vocation track offered two diocesan-style programs that have been successful in larger cities. The desire and need for young adults to have Discernment of Spirits helps was a common thread in both.

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