An Inspiring Vocation Poem by a Franciscan Sister’s Mother

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

March 17, 2017

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Community Director Sister Natalie Binversie recently shared a reflection on Sister Virginia Neja. Within the presentation, Sister Natalie read a letter and poem written by Sister Virginia’s mother. Find here her mother’s words. To read Sister Natalie’s entire reflection, click on this link: Reflection for Franciscan Sister VirginiaFranciscan Sister Virginia brothers and sisters2

Virginia’s mother wrote the following letter to Mother Perpetua dated January 31, 1944:
I am deeply appreciative of your promptness in answering Virginia’s letter. I am a nurse and she has always wanted to be one and still does in conjunction with becoming a nun. She is praying so earnestly and so many others are praying for her. Both her father and I wonder why we should be so blessed as to have a daughter in God’s service. Although I am her mother, I can truthfully tell you that she is a very courteous and obedient girl. I have seven children and one of my son’s is planning to become a priest.
… Thank you for everything, Mother Perpetua. I would like to say that we are able and happy to pay the $100.00 required.
Very Sincerely,
Margaret G. NejaFranciscan Sister Virginia as a child
P.S. I am having all parts of the application filled today and will send them tomorrow. I know this may be unusual but I am enclosing a picture and believe me to be sincere when I say she is a very sweet and religious child. True, that sounds like a doting Mother, but I know it to be true!Franciscan Sister Virginia Neja

My Gift to God

I’m gladly giving her to God
This daughter that I love,
She’s had her call, she’s had her sign
From Blessed God above.
With all my heart I give her
To One so Sweet, Divine,
I’m humbly proud He’s deigned to send
A call to one of mine.
I give her hands to help His cause,
Her feet to tread His Way,
I give her pure and clean sweet lips
To say His Name, to pray.
I give her eyes, to raise them up
In adoration true,
I give her ears to hear His words
So that His will she’ll do.
Most of all else I give her heart
That once lay ‘neath my own,
Outside of love for home and God
None other has she known.
Her baby feet, her baby hands
Were someday meant to be,
A tribute to her loving God
A blessed balm to me.
So, take her, God, with all my love,
To you good deeds she’ll carry
My greatest gift I give to You.

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