Franciscan Sisters Care for God’s Creation

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

April 25, 2017

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity supported Saturday’s April 22, Earth Day by caring for “God’s creation” around our Motherhouse. St. Francis, in his beautiful Canticle of the Creatures, praises God, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Brother Wind and Sister Water. All created things are brother and sister to us. We need to care for them as God has called us to do.

Earth Day energies were spent on beautifying the Motherhouse properties.  Sister Katherine Warning and Silver Lake Student Megan worked on the ravine on Alverno Road. Sister Elaine Turba and Sister Caritas Strodthoff also helped descend to the depths collecting fallen debris.

Sister Theresa Feldkamp canvased St. Joseph Woods. Sister Mariadele Jacobs walked the cemeteries. Responsible for pulling out  garbage from around the Stations on the eastern side of the Motherhouse woods, Sister Charles Ann took time to rake this area.

Everyone collected two large and two small bags of garbage including: a large piece of cardboard, numerous plastic bags, candy wrappers, pop cans, plastic milk bottles, plastic water bottles, a long 3” piece of tin, an old hose half buried in mud and debris, pieces of Styrofoam, and much more. Road ravine and wooded areas all look 100% improved. Sister Caritas said “It felt good to make the woods a place of beauty once again and safety for creatures that live there.” The fruit trees showed their gratitude by showing signs of blooming. 

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