Franciscan Sister Teaches Na Pro Graduates #10 Class

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

June 17, 2017

Franciscan Sister Renee Mirkes shares on interaction with the #10 class of NaPro Surgeons in preparation for the their later summer graduation.

Drs. Teresa Hilgers and Neil Sink, the tenth class of NaPro Surgeons, will complete their surgical fellowship at the Pope Paul VI Institute on July 28th and will officially graduate on July 24th. They join the ranks of the other twenty previously trained NaPro Surgeons in setting up NaPro Clinics throughout the United States. Dr. Teresa Hilgers will be joining her Dad, Dr. Thomas Hilgers, at the Pope Paul VI Institute Clinic in Omaha; Dr. Sink will join the NaPro Clinic in South Bend, Indiana. During their fellowship, I have had the privilege of teaching Hilgers & Sink a six month ethics seminar under the threefold heading of John Paul II’s Love & Responsibility, Theology of the Body and specific OB/Gyn ethics issues. What a joy: Wonderful classes; great discussions.

I will be happy to associate with Dr. Teresa in the upcoming years and will miss Dr. Neil and his wife and two children. But, as is true of all temporal things, they must come to an end . . . Now we are preparing to welcome the next class of fellows at the end of July.

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