Franciscan Sisters Health Assembly Centers in Christ with All of Creation

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

July 15, 2017

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity hold a ‘health workshop’ each year in the summer for our Sisters. This year Sister Roberta  (Bobbie) Doneth, a Sister of Saint Francis of Penance and Charity from Tiffin, OH, was invited to present on Sisters in Christ with All of Creation. Sister Bobbie serves as a retreat leader, spiritual director and a Franciscan speaker out of Canton, OH.

Her helpful talk centered on healthy self-talk amid building a spirit of goodness and gratitude toward others. It can be summarized in seven points in reversing negative inner chatter.

  1. Listen critically to what you are saying to your self and how you are saying it.
  2. Create psychological distance from yourself.
  3. Fit your conversation to your goal.
  4. Treat yourself as a friend.
  5. Say ‘I don’t’, rather than ‘I can’t’.
  6. Pray for God’s goodness for all you love and have difficulty loving.
  7. Live in gratitude!


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