Franciscan Sisters Feature Sarah Hall’s Window at St. Richard Catholic Church, Borrego Springs, CA

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are delighted to feature Sarah Hall’s Easter Window found in St. Richard Catholic Church Borrego Springs, CA. With St. Francis, contemplate the beauty of sister glass! Peer into the lattice and be renewed in the grace of the moment.

In the glass you will see the desert landscape of St. Richards reflected in the window design.  Behind the crucified Christ is a opening of light and regeneration celebrating the resurrection.  It was a wonderful experience to create this window for the community at Borrego Springs, CA.

-Sarah Hall

About Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall is a stained glass artist from Canada.  Sarah Hall is internationally recognized for her large-scale art glass installations and solar projects. Over the past decade Hall has pioneered a new direction in architectural glass in North America: merging artistic glass design with technical innovations related to green building. Read more here.



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  1. Hues infuse and lift the corpus of Christ. A very nice interplay of death and life, silhouette and illumination.

  2. Blackfeather says:

    Yesterday myself and a camera woman prayed the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi for the smuggled people that perished and those hospitalized. They were trapped in the back of an 18 wheeler for hours. No water, no food. There are huge dents in the truck doors where they banged in vain to be rescued That day it was 104 degrees F outside. My spouse and I felt strongly the suffering and had to go to the Wal-Mart to pray for these souls and leave offerings of flowers.
    We pondered about the suffering of Jesus and the power of compassion. Today we learned that a violent gang are behind this smuggling/trafficking of humans. It is said they care not for these souls only about the money. I trust in God to protect us as we were only there to pray not make a political statement. We ask if prayers could be done for our beautiful city of San Antonio. St. Francis and St. Martin de Porres are my favorites they are inspiring as they could do so much w/ very little.
    Thanks and Blessings
    G. Blackfeather

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