Gospel Sharing Part of Franciscan Sisters’ Summer Options

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

August 08, 2017

Franciscan Sister Anne Marie Lom facilitated a summer Gospel sharing group that reflected on the Sunday Gospel of the next day. Sisters were free to attend one, more or all the sessions. They represented various  geographic locations. Indeed, this broader faith sharing among Community members is a precious gift.

Sister Anne Marie commented: “I enjoy holding the Gospel Sharing sessions each summer. I am enriched by the sharing of the Sisters, their insights, their prayer and their theology. The fact that after reading the Gospel aloud, we pray quietly for 15 minutes before sharing provides a fruitful and contemplative approach to the Gospel. The Gospels were the first Rule of St. Francis and they continue to guide, inspire and nourish us.”

Here’s some feedback from other Sister participants.

What a summer spark! Sharing the Spirit, making time and space for the Words of the Gospel to blaze among us and to send us forth to spread the fire. Thanks, Sister Anne Marie.
-Sister Karen Suhr
The Gospel sharing is an important part of my weekend. Each of us is unique in our relationship to God and how we pray. Sharing the Gospel passages brings me to a greater and richer understanding of Christ’s message. The different ways we glean and interpret God’s word, brings me to a deeper, richer understanding of God’s message and love for me.
-Sister Caritas
The Gospel sharing is an important part of my weekend preparation for Sunday Liturgy. What other Sister have meditated on enriches my life and brings me closer to them in better understanding them.
-Sister Winifred
Discussing the Gospels was such a restful way to end the weeks in July. There was a sense of peace, good sharing, even a bit of humor. I loved it and looked forward to it. Sister Anne Marie was a good leader.
-Sister Ritarose

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