Franciscan Assists with Share the Journey Campaign

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

September 29, 2017

Franicscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mary Ann Spanjers shares on a gathering organized by Sister Leonette Kochan re: the launch of the Share the Journey campaign by Pope Francis. Read more.

More than 350 people, including more than 20 religious leaders from many faiths, migrants, refugees and concerned community members- gathered at St. Cyril’s Church for a beautiful multi-faith gathering held in connection with the launch of the Share the Journey campaign by Pope Francis. (Bishop Gerald Kicanas)

Four of our Sisters from San Xavier participated along with four San Miguel high school seniors. Sister Leonette was one of the principle organizers. Below are some of the reflections written by Sister Mary Ann’s students.

My favorite part from the prayer service was when one of the speakers asked for all of the refugees to stand up. Everyone in the room clapped for all of the people standing and gave everyone a blessing.

Another part that really touched me was a student from Salpointe Catholic High School who is a junior, migrated to the United States in 2011, he was disconnected from his oldest brother who is still in Sudan… I really enjoyed having him as a speaker because he is someone who is my age that had to experience so much as a child and it made me realize how I should be truly grateful for everything that I have because there is so much going on in the world and I am blessed to be who I am and where I am. People come to the United States because they are searching for peace.

The Church opens up our arms to refugees. We are all here for them and want to make them feel they are in a safe place (Samantha Mejia)

One thing that surprised me was what the bishop said, “everyone has a journey some journeys are more terrifying then others.” One of the major things that hit me were that kids my age were telling their stories. It made me feel so ashamed because I feel like I am not very grateful with everything that I have. ( Danahi Zamora)

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