Enjoy St. Francis Month with Streaming Peace Concert

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity celebrate St. Francis of Assisi’s feast all month long with a streaming Peace Concert.   Listen to Franciscan Friar Fr. Tansi Ibisi, CFR’s Nani Chineke, Rick Busy’s Pray, Arwen Lewis’ It’s a Beautiful Day Today and Peace Round from Compass Records. May your feet be stirred into action for others.

Photo: Morning St. Francis by Assumption of the BVM Province Fr. Brendan Wroblewski, OFM.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord show His face to you and give us all peace.


Nani Chineke by Franciscan Friar Fr. Tansi Ibisi, CFR

The piece entitled Nani Chineke is actually a mishmash of spiritual and traditional Nigerian songs. The video was shot in Chicago in November 2016 by Spirit Juice. The piece really comes from songs from two different languages (Ibo and Yoruba), which I thought worked well together. Br. Mark-Mary had heard me sing it once and thought that, along with scenes from Generation Hope, it could make a great addition to other work he’s already done in support of Mary’s Meals.
Mary’s Meals is a charity that aims to provide chronically hungry children across the world with one meal every school day. It is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, who brought up her own child in poverty. They are currently feeding over one million children every day.-Franciscan Friar Fr. Tansi Ibisi,

Website: https://lovegoodculture.com/product/garden/.


Pray by Rick Busby

Rick Busby is an Austin Texas based singer-songwriter. His newest record, The Soul of Everything, is being readied for an early 2018 release through Atticus Records. In the mid-90s Rick made a commitment to return to his first love of songwriting, dramatically changing the course of his life and career.

The initial sessions for his album ‘Soul Diving’ concluded late in the night, just a few hours before the events of September 11, 2001.  “When I initially wrote the song ‘Pray,’ I didn’t see it as being part of Soul Diving. But, it seems God had another plan.”

One year later, “Pray” received a “Song of the Year” nomination from the Texas Music Academy, and the song has since become a staple in his repertoire. “It’s one of those songs that I have to play at almost every show, and I get requests for it more than any other song I have written. He has performed the song in numerous churches, and on stages from Texas to D.C., including a private event on Capitol Hill with a host of Congressmen, Senators and staffers.”

Website: www.souldiving.com

 Arwen Lewis

It’s A Beautiful Day Today written by Mr. Bob Mosley has always painted a beautiful picture of serenity for me, lyrically and musically.  It is a great honor to have created a new recording of this song with my father Peter Lewis, producer John DeNicola, and the other fine musicians who offered their skills to this composition.  I consider this song a musical gem, and am happy to be a part of sharing it with the world.

Mr. Bob Mosley has offered a statement about what inspired him to write “Its a beautiful day today.” He noted that the lyrics of the song explain his inspiration, so his inspiration to write “It’s a Beautiful Day Today” was this:

“From dawn to dawn a life time, the birds sing and day has begun, the heavens shine from dawn ’til dusk, with golden rays of sun, people on their way, beginning a brand new day, I love hearing people say, it’s a beautiful day today.” – Arwen Lewis (Photo credit: Henry Diltz)

Website: http://arwenlewis.com/

 The Peace Round by Compass Records

Jean Ritchie’s fans and admirers come together on ‘Dear Jean” to honor the living legacy of the Kentucky-born singer/songwriter many refer to as “The Mother of Folk”. Contributors were selected to represent the diversity of genres and generations Ritchie has influenced throughout her life

Website: https://store.compassrecords.com/products/dear-jean-artists-celebrate-jean-ritchie


  1. Sister Kathleen says:

    Like so much of the music of Africa, one cannot possibly listen without moving. It vibrates through one’s whole being! This beautiful song paints a picture for me of St. Francis dancing down the hillsides of Assisi. I hear the joy and yet the peaceful devotion of Francis in this melody. The words are so simple, but so profound in expressing the most foundational of Franciscan values: consecration to God, and the spirit of gratitude and praise. We even make a stop on our dancing journey at the Portiuncula, St Mary of the angels where we hear the angels sing! What a thoroughly Franciscan joy it is to experience Fr. Tansi’s Nani Cheneke! Peace and good to Father and all his listeners!

  2. Sister Elaine says:

    It’s a beautiful day today…it’s the only day we have. What a blessing it is begin each day with an awareness of the people God places in my life as well as the beauty that surrounds me in all of nature. Like St. Francis, I pray that I can see all as gift – because of the tremendous love God has for each of us. How blessed I am! How blessed we are to begin each day anew.

  3. Sister Judanne says:

    How beautiful is Father Tansi’s tribute to Mary’s Meals and the children nourished. This music truly glorifies God. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sister Mary Bodwin says:

    I listened to many of the songs and they are all so beautiful and meaningful. God bless all of them for their wonderful message. Peace and all good. Sister Mary.

  5. Sister Marsaia Kaster says:

    THE ANGELS ARE SINGING…How restful. The music brings us right into the heart of the
    Lord. It changes us! And we go from adoration to loving presence with our neighbors.This song reminds me of St Francis’ “Praises of God”. Amazing! A lovely peace- gift.

  6. Sister Dorothy says:

    It is beautiful day today, an especially beautiful one, as I look at the richness of our earth, of the people I met, and of the time for quiet and peace. Listening to the calm reflection in song is wonderful. Several people at Mass this morning answered my “How are you?” with “I’m blessed”. We are! I am!

  7. Sister Carol Seidl says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Nani Chineke. I loved the flow, rhythm and beat of the words. Seeing it against the video adds so much to the song. I can see using this with my students during Art class and to show another culture and to show the need to keep reaching out to outs- Corporal Works of Mercy. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. Sister Mary Beth Kornely says:

    These songs are so powerful, each one sharing an important message, I belong to God, listen to the voices, pray, reminding us that it is a beautiful day, and the peace all these reminders bring. The music in each song stirs the heart to respond to the call placed deep within us to love life and all it holds and to reach out and share the gift of God within us, to share that joy, that compassion, that caring and mercy we have received with all those who cross our paths in one way or another each day. These songs will be played often throughout this Franciscan month so they can wrap themselves around my heart and mind.

  9. I’m excited to share these inspiring songs with my high school students! Thanks for the goodness and message of life, hope and peace!

  10. I’m listening to one per day and today it was Nani Chineke by Franciscan Friar Fr. Tansi Ibisi, CFR. It is a beautiful reality check for me. The joy on the faces of those working so diligently to feed others and then to dance and sing and clap in jubilation… what an uplifting video! Thank you for choosing this piece for our Franciscan gift to others!

  11. Sister Helena says:

    Beautiful messages from the Peace Concert to celebrate this month. Thank you to all the artists that wrote the song and those that performed them for us. Each is unique with their message and culture.

  12. Sr. Delores says:

    What a great hymn of praise to our loving Father! We belong to God and how important for us to remember that truth in the midst of trials and suffering… Our loving God has us, holds us and cares for us deeply! May we lift up all who are hurting, are lost or feel alone…
    Sending prayers and love to all in need tonight!

  13. Sister Jan says:

    St. Francis day is ending in Cambridge Ohio listening to this concert of peace songs from many artists from many places. Praying with the music is a way to praise God with many wonderful people all over the world and in our country. It brings unity and peace amidst a troubled world. God does unite us and blesses us in so many beautiful people we meet each day, even in podcasts! Thank you to those who inspire with this beauty. Thank you to those who bring it to us in distant corners of this world. It unites us and gives us peace and hope.

  14. Sister Ann Carla says:

    What a beautiful, simple song! “Nani Chineke” inspires peace and wonder. It is a blessing to see the smiles and the dancing. So uplifting. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Sister Carla says:

    These songs are so positive and encouraging in our topsy-turvy world. Each one had a repetitive message that was simple yet profound. I especially liked Nani Chineke.

  16. Sister Charleen says:

    All of the songs had their own meaningful message. “It’s a Beautiful Day” spoke of hope to me and the “Peace Round” was especially inspiring and fitting after all the violence in Las Vegas. If only we could live in peace with everyone what a wonderful world this would be.

  17. ‘I pray love for you’. This touched me because that is something we really need right now. With all the natural disasters, shootings, racism, etc. we need to remember to pray for love and give of love to everyone at all times.

  18. That no matter where I am or what I am going through, I know that I am able to pray, to get through the situation. That I am never actually alone.

  19. Music in my opinion is the most beautiful thing on earth so knowing that God created that is just inspiring!

  20. That the person prays for love to see and to surrender all the eyes can see–touches my heart.

  21. Let your heart be my crown–touching!

  22. Praying is a way of having a conversation with God. He is listening always. I feel like I need to pray more after this song.

  23. The message of this song is to ‘pray’ and every time he says that its as if he’s giving hope to anyone.

  24. Just completed “Pray” and I can see why it was included here. It is challenging and prayerful. Thank you for choosing it to include in our October features.

  25. Music inspires you to be closer to God. It causes one to take on the emotions being sent out. The music they play only deepens our faith with its beauty.

  26. Pray inspires me to be closer to God by listening to the lyrics to understand the deeper meaning of the song.

  27. ‘You were born to remember who you came to be’. This phrase reminds me that I want to be a good person all the time so that I can look back on myself and remember that.

  28. ‘Pray for forgiveness. Pray for release.’ This message touches my heart because this tells me that in order for me to feel relief, I have to pray and ask God to forgive me and release me of my sins.

  29. Now listened to It’s a Beautiful Day. How calming, prayerful and soothing this piece is. Thank you for this month’s treat of wonderful music!

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