Franciscan Song for New Beginnings: Halley’s Comet by Sarah Darling

During September, a month of college and university students’ new ventures and young adults taking steps in their vocations and professional lives, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature Sarah Darling’s Halley’s Comet. The theme of new beginnings and returnings (like a comet) are moments to be celebrated and thoughtfully reflected on. We all desire to shine in following God’s will.

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About Sarah Ann Darling

Sarah Ann Darling is an American country music singer and songwriter based out of Nashville, TN. She first made her name known to the public in 2003, when she was a top-three finalist on E! Entertainment Television’s reality show, The Entertainer, hosted by Wayne Newton. Darling then went into the studio in the summer of 2008 to record her debut album, Every Monday Morning, which was released on June 16, 2009. A second album, Angels & Devils, featuring the hit single, “Something to Do With Your Hands”, followed on February 15, 2011. In August 2012, her single titled “Home to Me,” was released to digital retailers after being previously featured on Sirius XM’s The Highway. It sold over 8,000 copies in the first week of release, becoming the top selling digital single from a new female artist since May 2011.

Over the total span of her career, Darling has reached over a half-million downloads worldwide and landed two #1 videos on CMT and GAC, in addition to appearances on TBS’ CONAN, FOX & Friends, HLN Morning Express with Robin Meade, ABC’s The Bachelor, Better TV and more. On top of this, her dream of playing the Grand Ole Opry came to pass in February 2011, when she made her debut. Since then, Darling has been a frequent visitor to the Opry stage.

Darling is now preparing to release new music this coming January. From wishing on wandering stars, to never giving up, the new material really captures the spirit of the ones who love to dream. Sarah Darling is sure to take you on whimsical ride through songs about stars, and when cowboys used to ride away into the West, with her new sound that she calls Dream Country.



  1. Sarah Ann has a sensitive and beautiful voice. Well written and produced music. It shines!

  2. Sarah Ann’s beautiful music seems to flow from deep thought and peaceful reflection. So it moved me to listen reflectively a second time. The three points that caught my ear and come together in a little lesson for me are: “won’t be back for you,” “chase the dream,” and “a place for me to shine.” First of all the idea of the comet took me back 20 years to the nights of standing in our third floor hallway on the highest hill in the city and having a wonderful view of Hale-Bopp comet for many nights. Sometimes the things that “won’t be back” are around for quite awhile; sometimes they are fleeting. But if we miss the chance to “chase the dream,” it’s gone! I don’t think it’s possible to look at our wonderful universe and not believe in God. He’s the source of those precious moments and the dreams we chase as well as of the universe. Isn’t it humbling that He includes “a place for me to shine.” And a place for everyone to shine! Do I recognize others’ special moments and share them, or do I only focus on my own?
    Thank you, Sarah Ann! May God be with you!

  3. Sr. Delores says:

    Our Universe is filled with mystery. Sarah Ann certainly sings of that with great feeling and wonder. I love the thought a star was born. Sarah can sing with great clarity. There is a place for us all to shine. We do need to wait patiently, to see where that place might be. Trust the gravity, trust the light…
    Sarah Ann, thanks for sharing the gift of you and your insights into life’s journey. Your music fills us with hope and joy!

  4. Sister Ann Carla Baumann says:

    Beautiful, clear voice with heart. You have expressed everyone’s desire to find a place to shine. You do shine through your voice, Sarah.

  5. Sister Hannah says:

    We are all called to shine! God leads us forth each day to follow him with a courageous faith and to become more and more a light that shines for the sake of others.

  6. Sister Mary Frances says:

    Beautiful, Sarah Ann! Time for all of us to shine!

  7. Beautiful voice and beautiful thoughts! Our place to shine is now! The Lord calls us to live in the present and act now. A well written song! Thank you!

  8. “Chase your dream he said”-It inspired me “in the mystery there’s a place for me to shine” -This phrase touched my heart, because just like Heaven, it is almost a mystery, but we know it’s a place where we can shine with God. We will be perfect in Heaven.

  9. Everyone has his/her own talent or passion about something. Once he/she find what he/she truly has a passion for, he/she will have a place to shine. Each and everyone of us has a gift to share with those around us.

  10. reach to the sky and you will soar
    People have to dream big to reach big dreams. What ever we set our minds to, can be done with the help or dreams and accomplishments. Shine bright and receive a bright future.

  11. Every type of music has a message behind it. That message helps us understand ourselves and in turn become closer to God. It helps us discover who we are and brings us closer to God in our faith.

  12. Inspiration comes from the wise words of the singers performing their songs.

  13. In the song the father is motivating his daughter to follow her dream of singing. It touches my heart, because I don’t know what to study in college and this decision has a lot to do with chasing my dreams.

  14. Everyone is meant to shine and to not be afraid to show talents. To open our hearts and get out of our comfort zones, because it can bring many wonders.

  15. No matter where you are, you are shining bright like the stars!

  16. Recognizing that we, too, ae God’s creation and are also wonderful and awesome!

  17. “In the mystery, there’s a place for me to shine…”

  18. Music is one gift that I am thankful to God for. It has helped me through life and without it, I would be lost in the world. I am able to use my talent to sing to God.

  19. This song is so beautiful! The idea behind it is so full of hope and faith in God. My favorite part is when it says that in the mystery, there is a place for me to shine. This tells us that there is a place for everyone in the world to show their talents! Sarah Darling reveals her talents through music and through praising God. This song especially helps me understand better what it truly is that God wants us to accomplish in life: to follow Him and to shine while doing it.

  20. All of your comments have been truly inspiring. This is song is very personal to me and so happy it’s bringing a little light to you all! Xo

  21. Trust the light…light is a symbol of God and this helps me to understand. We must trust in God and his light that shows us his path.

  22. There is a place for me to shine.

  23. I will trust the gravity, I will trust the light.
    This line touched my heart because to me it sounds like she was not going to let anything bring her down. She trusts everything around her and is not afraid to put trust in things we all have.

  24. I know I will reach my ultimate goal and be in heaven with God, a place for me to shine.

  25. It inspires me to be closer to God by the lyrics. Some lyrics have exactly what I am trying to say in a perfect way.

  26. Her lyrics allow me to experience and hear the word of God through an artistic way.

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