Franciscan Sisters’ Music Outreach Goes to Sheboygan Parish

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

November 16, 2017

In gratitude for Father Matthew Widder’s sacramental help during Camp Franciscan, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity wanted to do a special favor acknowledging his own spirit of service. We offered to provide music at one of his Sheboygan, WI, parishes on the weekend. After polling our Sister musicians, the November 11, 2017,  Saturday, 5 p.m. liturgy for Sunday at St. Dominic’s was suggested and chosen. Beth Hoegger, Director of Music and Liturgy, was so helpful with arrangements.

When the day arrived,  we actually came from two different directions. Novices and Sister Theresa Feldkamp, Sister Myra Jean Swiegart, Sister Elizabeth Benvie, Sister Anne Turba loaded up instruments at the Motherhouse in Manitowoc and headed for the east side church. Sister Elaine Turba and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan were among young adults at Milwaukee Encounter that morning, and departed from the Archdiocese’s Cousins Center in time to help carry in cargo and assist in setting up in the choir section of church.

Novice Sister Mary Teresa Bettag, whose family is from Sheboygan’s St. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Parish, delivered a gracious thank you on behalf of the Franciscan Sisters to the people in the pews for welcoming us and singing with us. Fr. Matthew, given his own heart connection to nearby Sheboygan Falls, fittingly seconded Sister Mary Teresa’s prayers for Sheboygan area families and for encouragement for each person in responding to his/her own call of service.    Later, after taking time after Mass to chat with members of the congregation, the whole group of Sister musicians and singers were invited to Sister Mary Teresa’s home.  Parents, Mark and Teresa Bettag, and other family members hosted a festive Mexican feast. It was a spirited meal with much conversation and delicious food. The evening closed with a fun circle game of Catchphrase.

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