Called to be a Franciscan Sister and Art Teacher

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

November 19, 2017

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Community Director Sister Natalie Binversie shares the call  of Sister Andrée DuCharme to be a Franciscan Sister and art teacher.

Lorraine had two sisters and one brother.  Her Father died when she was ten years old.  She attended St. Stephen’s Elementary School and was taught by the Notre Dame Sisters.  After Grade school she went to the Academy in Stevens Point where she had the Franciscan Sisters of Mishawaka.  From the time Lorraine was young she wanted to be a teacher.  Since the only teachers she knew were Sisters, she wanted to be a Sister.  Lorraine had two cousins who were Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, Sister Mary Angela and Sister Mary Paschal, so she decided to apply to enter Holy Family Convent.

The following letter dated July 20, 1942 was written by Lorraine’s mother to Mother Perpetua.

Rev. Mother:

     First let me introduce myself.  I am an aunt to Sister M. Angela and Sister M. Paschal.  Their mother is my sister.  I am writing because I have a young daughter who is anxious to enter your convent.  She is 14 years old.  She finished her first year of  high school at the Academy here.  Our Pastor, Father McGinley asked the Sisters to take her in.  She worked her way through. 

     Our means are very limited.  We have been alone for four years.  I have another daughter who finished High School in June and a boy younger than Lorraine.  I do not know if you would accept her on these terms.  I will try to give her whatever clothes she needs. I am trying to get work where I could work every day.  So far it has been only part time and not much pay.  My age is against me.  I am 54 and have never worked out before.  The only thing I can do is sewing.  Dorothy has started to work, but it’s not much of a paying job now.  There is a chance to make more later on, but that will take six months.

     Things do not look very good right now, but we hope to change that in time.  Mrs. Wilson is planning to visit Sister Paschal next month.  I will try to have Lorraine there at that time.  She is in good health and had fairly good marks in school.  I shall be glad to hear from you. 

                                                                                                   Very sincerely,

                                                                                                   Mrs. W. DuCharme

Without a doubt, Mother Perpetua did respond to Mrs. DuCharme. To read more, click here: Franciscan Sister Andree DuCharme’s Wake Reflection

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