Franciscan Sisters’ View of the St. Louis Gateway Arch

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

December 05, 2017

When Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are sent to a new mission, it is important to experience the culture and become acquainted with landmarks. In this pioneering spirit, Sister Patricia Sevcik, Sister Sue Ann Hall visited historical St. Louis Gateway Arch. The Sisters easily felt the fears and thrills of moving beyond their comfort zones.

Sister Sue Ann captures the ride to the Journey on Top: “We weren’t real sure we wanted to go up into the Arch but we did it.

It takes 4 minutes to ride up on a Tram with in closed buckets that seat 5 people tightly. We had just the three of us in ours. If you are brave enough to look out the glass door you can see all the inside makings of the Arch. You will feel the motion, squeaks, shifting, adjustments of the bucket.

Once at the top there is an observation deck you can get out and walk around in looking out the many windows on both side. I thinks we were up there about 40 minutes.

What a sight to behold. Our legs felt like jelly and our muscles tensed up until we felt a little comfortable.

The ride down was 3 minutes. though we had our doubts at first we were glad we did it. It was Awesome!

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