God Called Young Woman from Milwaukee

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

June 27, 2018

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Community Director Sister Natalie Binversie reflects on the life of Sister Francine Goodman called by God from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Mary Lois, who was often referred to as Lois, had a younger sister, Barbara, and a younger brother, John. She was taught by the Notre Dame Sisters in grade school as well as in High School. Some of the Sisters recognized that God was possibly calling her to be a Sister and asked her if she thought of being a Sister. She replied, “That’s a lovely compliment, but I don’t think so.” The truth was that Lois was thinking about being a Sister. She came from a family where religion and faith were important and central in the life of the family. There were a number of religious in her family, so this was an accepted vocational calling to follow. Lois was an inquisitive child and frequently asked her Mother questions about the spiritual life.

Mary Lois met the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity while she was attending Messmer High School in Milwaukee. Sister Jane Francis Doolan was one of the Sisters teaching there for a year. Sister Jane Francis heard from Lois’ friends that she was interested in being a Sister. Sister Jane Francis invited Lois to go with her to visit Holy Family Convent. This visit gave Lois the affirmation she needed that this was where God was calling her to be a Sister. When she saw the Convent building she felt like she belonged here.

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