Novice Poem: Our Flag in Paschal Mystery

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

July 04, 2018

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Novice, Sister Cecilia Joy, offers an Independence Day poem, Our Flag in Paschal Mystery.

Our Flag in Paschal Mystery
Our flag moves majestically in the wind.
Her colors speak to a history of a people who longed to be free, obtained freedom, and yet freedom remains a battle cry today.

and Blue.
These colors point to our country, our home.
But our flag’s colors also whisper a mystery,

beyond wars that were believed impossible to win,
and dreams that came true despite opposition.

Do you hear it? Do you see it, in these colors unfurling?

A mystery of how Jesus sacrificed, rose, and gave birth to the Church,
Similar to the sacrifice of our ancestors, our home which has grown, and our nation which is loved by a Father in whom we trust.

A mystery. A mystery.

A mystery in Red.
A valiant Son of God sacrificed in the hardiness of a humiliating death,
but it was not the end.

A mystery in White.
A blinding light as death is conquered, tyranny surrenders,
and we begin again,
and continue to in the promise of new tomorrows.

A mystery in Blue.
Jesus ascended, the Holy Spirit descended, and a Church began.
A Church vigilant with persevering hearts in the face of even death,
But they had already died to self out of love.
It is this love we carry with us as a Church today.
As not only Catholics, but Americans who persevere today.
As a people who hope today, and pray today,
And believe God answers prayers.

Our flag moves majestically in the wind. Her colors speak to a history,
but they also speak to a mystery,
A mystery we see and live today.

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