Franciscan Calendar: Saint Veronica Giuliani

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

July 20, 2018

For the July Franciscan Calendar, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity highlight the life of saintly Veronica Giuliani. Her feast day is July 9.

Saint Veronica Guiliani

Saint Veronica Giuliani was born in a faith-filled, devout family in Mercatello, Italy. Sadly, her mother died when she was 4 years old. Her father, although truly believing she should marry, did finally permit her to follow her call to be a contemplative nun.

At age 17, she entered the convent of  the Capuchin nuns at Citta di Castello in Umbria. The primitive rule of St. Clare was observed.

She spent 17 years in various roles of service in her community. Her living of the vows was heart-felt and obedient. One of these ministries was to guide the novices. She was very sensitive in her selection of books on prayer for these new members.

One Good Friday her life was changed with receiving the stigmata. Later a crown of thorns was impressed upon her head. The Passion of Christ always a focus of her prayer became a vivid part of her daily living. At this time Rome appointed a commission to test her experiences and holiness. The test proved that God was indeed leading her to conversion and greater love for him through her many sufferings. She indeed was another Veronica sharing in Christ’s passion.

Franciscan Sisters Station of the Cross with Veronica

After her death on July 9, 1727, St. Veronica’s body remained corrupt for many years until it was destroyed in a flood. Her bones are now housed in a fabricated body and her heart is kept in a separate reliquary. Because she saw to the need of having water pipes placed in her monastery, she is known as the patron of laundry workers. Her multiple visions of the Lord have also made her the patron of photographers.

St. Veronica, pray for us.

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