Franciscan Sisters’ Quasi Chapter

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

July 24, 2018

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are preparing for our General Chapter in 2019. This event convenes during our 150th year of founding. How fitting since the purpose of this gathering is to protect the intention of the foundresses concerning the nature, purpose, spirit and character of our pontifical Congregation. Equally important is the promotion of suitable renewal in regards to the wholesome traditions of our Congregation, to elect our Community Director and her Council, and to treat major business matters.  The timing is a clear sign of hope that our foundresses continue to walk with us.

In preparation for the General Chapter, we had a recent Quasi Chapter. Quasi means ‘as if’. The Chapter Planning Committee, (Sister Jane Kinate, Sister Marcolette Madden, Sister Anne Turba, Sister Elaine Turba, Sister Pamela Catherine Peasel) organized days to include prayer, Community input and voting to allow all members to participate and contribute their thoughts as if we were in a General Chapter. We used St. Mary Chapel as our sacred meeting space, because it accommodated all of us for seating. The Blessed Sacrament was removed and brought back in procession for prayer times.

Written Response forms were submitted by all who spoke. This material will be put in the hands of elected delegates from the Community at large in the months ahead in preparation for the General Chapter June 2019. Please do pray with and for us.

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