Ohio Franciscan Sisters Celebrate St. Francis Month

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

October 09, 2018

Franciscan Sister Mary Ann Nugent continues St. Francis Month coverage from Zanesville, Ohio with special celebrations and blessings.

The Sisters located in Zanesville (Bernadette, Laura, Mary Ann, and Maureen Anne) celebrated the Eve and Feast of St. Francis with parish members, hospital administrators and the Bishop of Columbus.

On October 3rd they joined members of St. Mary’s Mattingly Settlement Parish at Mass and in a beautiful Transitus Service prepared by Father Don Franks.


At noon on Saint Francis Day they shared a luncheon held at Genesis Hospital with Bishop Frederick Campell, Father Don Franks, Deacon David Lozowski and members of the Genesis administrative team.

Later in the afternoon they journeyed back to Mattingly Settlement to take part in the Bishop’s formal blessing and dedication of the new St. Francis Chapel, parish center and surrounding grounds. Windows and sacred furnishings from the former Good Samaritan Hospital were donated for use in the new Mattingly Settlement Chapel and Parish Center.


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