Three Franciscan Sisters Profess First Vows

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

June 03, 2019

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Community Director, Sister Natalie Binversie, shares her congratulations greeting to our newly professed Sister Colleen Demro, Sister Clare Rose Oswald and Sister Cecilia Joy Kugel.

Good morning and Happy Feast of the Ascension of the Lord! Special congratulations to Sister Colleen Demro, Sister Clare Rose Oswald and Sister Cecilia Joy Kugel! Today we celebrate your First Profession of Vows.

This day has been three years in coming, since you entered the Convent as a Postulant!

As part of the discernment process and a desire to move to the next step in your formation you wrote a letter to me, asking to Profess First Vows.

One of you wrote that you believed God chose you, you loved His Will for you and, therefore, wanted to commit to live the life of a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity.

One of you wrote of being thankful for the Community’s holistic approach to formation. Any number of people and resources helped you and the Sisters you lived with to grow in self-awareness and in acceptance of different personalities. Jesus did not make any two of us alike! This is what makes for a vibrant, Franciscan, Community life.

The third letter I received stated that during the time of Postulancy and Novitiate prayer life deepened and you learned about the Vows. You went on to write, “It was more than learning about the Vows. It was, also, how to put them into practice.” You gained some insights by observing how the Sisters live the Vows. This was very appropriate for the Sisters, at the time of your Reception into the Novitiate, proclaimed the following prayer, “God our Father, it is you who have called us. Hear our prayers and bless these Sisters of ours who wish to follow your Son in Religious Life as a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity. Help us to do what you ask of us so that your plans for them may be fulfilled.”

As Postulants, you chose the group title, Lanterns of Merciful Light. Today’s liturgy speaks of Jesus telling the Disciples that they will be witnesses of His suffering, forgiveness and merciful love. You have learned how to recognize the light of Jesus in another and you have had opportunities to experience Jesus’ mercy for yourself and extend that mercy to others. We now live in the promise Jesus made to send us the Holy Spirit to be with us. God will continue to give the graces to live the Vows throughout our life.

We thank God for you and we rejoice with you this day as you profess your Vows as Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. Congratulations! Your Sisters assure you of remembrance in prayer. Celebrate this day in joy with your Sisters, family and friends.

God bless you.

Watch for more video coverage in the days ahead!

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