Postulant’s Poem: Water from the Rock

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June 14, 2019

On the day before her Reception into the Novitiate of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Postulant Yazmin Martinez Lopez shares her poem on Scripture text  John 7:37, Water from the Rock.

Water from the Rock
Is what Moses discovered
When he unlocked
The fountain of our Lover.

Water from the side
Of Jesus our Savior
Gushed forth as a tide
Of Mercy from our Creator

Water from the cloud
Quenched the thirst of Elijah the prophet
God’s voice is not loud
It is a whisper that sounds like a droplet

Water from the Spirit
Is what Jesus gives
To anyone thirsting for it
Who believes that He lives.

Water from the Red Sea
Is what Moses saw dividing.
The people were able to flee
God’s might is always abiding

Water from the wedding
Jesus turned into wine
Mary was the one telling,
“Please obey this Son of mine.”

Water from the well
Rachel went to get for her cattle
Jacob fell in love with her
Marrying her was an uphill battle

Water from our love
Is what the Crucified thirsts for
Have mercy from above
Thank you Jesus our sins you bore

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