Franciscan Sisters Host Save Your Gravestone On-Site Demonstrations

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September 23, 2019

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity hosted the on-site demonstrations for a recent Manitowoc County Historical Society workshop focused on headstone preservation. Sister Natalie Binversie, Sister Jane Kinate and Sister Caritas Strodthoff and others discovered more about the importance of cemetery preservation.

Indoor classroom learning took place in the morning in the upstairs conference hall at the Generose Enrichment Center at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family.

Participants learned about the different types of headstones, how they deteriorate and methods of preservation. For actual practice, the group headed out to Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s Holy Family Convent Cemetery for on-site demonstrations and practice in cleaning and resetting grave stones.

It was real cemetery preservation basics and hands got dirty! Each person received a gravestone cleaning kit.

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