Franciscan Novice Grateful for Family Support

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November 13, 2019

Franciscan Novice Sister Maria Guadalupe shares on her own family’s support of her  as she followed a vocation to be a Franciscan Sister.

I came from a beautiful Catholic family and I grew up in the traditions of Mexico and Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is in my family where I learned to Love Jesus, Mary, and the Church. So it would be wrong to say that my family had nothing to do with my call to religious life.

My parents worked hard to send us to Catholic Schools when we were growing up and they also made sure we got all the Sacraments. They wanted to make sure we were on the path to Salvation. My mom always kept an open mind about religious life if that’s what God was calling me to. I had been thinking about entering religious life years before I actually entered. My dad would encourage me to keep studying and finish my career.

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