Franciscan Novice Grateful for Family Support Part 2

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

November 16, 2019

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Novice Sister Maria Guadalupe continues to talk about her family’s support during her discernment journey. Read part one here.

When I finally told them that I found a community and that I was going to a retreat in 2018, they were not so happy at first. They were worried about my health and happiness and they did not want to see me go. They were upset at first because they love me. However, I prayed a lot that they might be more accepting. I made the decision to buy the airplane tickets without them knowing. A priest from my parish told me that my parents were concerned because they love me but at the end God’s will is first. So I told my parents I had made the decision to go to this retreat, and little by little both my parents grew in understanding of my decision.

And when my dad did some research about the community, he was more at peace. They took me to the airport and my dad gave me his blessing. That meant so much for me. When I got back home and I began the application process I told my dad. “Don’t worry dad, they are most likely not to accept me.” And he said, “They are going to accept you, you are going to be a Sister.” I don’t know how, but he knew it was coming even more clearly than I did.”

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