When Francisan Novice Experiences SLS20 and an Arizona Mission

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February 03, 2020

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Novice Sister Concepcion shares her January Phoenix area mission experience at SLS20 and St. Peter Indian Mission, Bapchule, Arizona. 

This year’s mission experience began with the SLS20 conference in Phoenix, AZ. The conference was enjoyable and riddled with beautiful experiences. Spending time and creating bonds with the sisters that I was with was a wonderful blessing and being able to witness, answer questions, and meet new people was inspiring.

We are all different people with different stories and journeys that are connected by our love for God. The experiences of adoration will never be forgotten, to see so many adore and worship our God was revitalizing.

The week in Bapchule, AZ was equally as inspiring. The sisters on the mission are beautiful images of Christ. To experience all of the work that they do for others was amazing.

It is obvious that everyone they meet is met with kindness and love. They have done amazing work to create an environment of love and safety. They work hard and give so freely of themselves to all. Through this experience my heart has been touched and change in such a deep and profound way. I am beyond grateful to the community for this experience. God is Good.

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