Franciscan Sisters’ Lenten Song: Do People Bloom by Ezra Holbrook

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March 01, 2020

In this Lenten springtime Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity encourage you to listen to Do People Bloom by Ezra Holbrook. Find encouragement that we all can find growth and goodness amid the challenges of life.  Ezra Holbrook grounds himself in a deep earthy similie to sing a song of hope and redemption in all of relationships.


For all who carry spring in your heart, this song is for you!

Comment from Ezra

When I wrote this song I was struggling through some personal issues, issues that I felt were impacting the quality of my relationships with other people. The song is about meeting someone who inspires you to overcome your demons, hopefully becoming a better person. Its about redemption, second chances and whether or not we really can change who we are for the better. Needless to say I certainly hope we can.

About Ezra

Ezra Holbrook has produced music for over forty different bands spanning punk, rock, folk and funk genres. After ten years of growing his own material, he springs forth in his  solo album “Save Yourself”. Well-known both locally in Portland, OR and nationally, it is timely that Ezra’s solo effort is now heard.
You’ll want to listen to all of “Save Yourself”, a moving collection of songs that invite reflection on the themes of redemption, forgiveness and love with fine finger-tuned guitars, ardent vocals and sensitively-stirring lyrics. Listen to more tunes by Ezra.

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