Meet a Franciscan Sister’s Mother

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May 08, 2020

As we celebrate our mothers this weekend, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Cecilia Joy Kugel invites you to ‘meet my Mom’. Enjoy this mother-daughter exchange and learn more about Sister Cecilia Joy’s family.

I am very fond of dreams in families. For nine months, every mother and father dream about their baby. Am I right? [Yes!] They dream about what kind of child he or she will be… You can’t have a family without dreams. Once a family loses the ability to dream, children do not grow, love does not grow, life shrivels up and dies. So I ask you each evening, when you make your examination of conscience, to also ask yourselves this question: Today did I dream about my children’s future? Today did I dream about the love of my husband, my wife? Did I dream about my parents and grandparents who have gone before me? – Pope Francis, Meeting with Families, January 16, 2015

St. Francis of Assisi had dreams. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity dream. We invite you to dream with us.

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