Novice Writes Icon of the Good Shepherd

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June 26, 2020

Novice Sister Maria Guadalupe Martinez Lopez reflects on the experience of writing an icon of Jesus the Good Shepherd.

I chose to write the icon of Jesus the Good Shepherd. I chose this icon because in my theology class I learned that this is the most ancient icon in Christianity. Sister Mariella Erdmann taught us an excellent class. This iconography class taught me most of all humility. It is a prayerful experience where Jesus speaks to us if we listen.

At first I wanted to paint on my own way. Sr. Mariella was trying to make suggestions to improve the painting. When I decided to listen to her an obey her instructions everything turned out better. Humility helped me to recognize my inabilities and to renounce my own will and pride.  I hope I can apply this lesson to my everyday activities in which I have to obey my superiors and God’s will for my life.


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Sister Carla Riach 08/02/2020 @ 12:37 pm

Sister Maria Guadalupe, I love your icon of the Good Shepherd. Thank you for sharing your experience while making it. It reminds me to listen more to others ideas.


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