Franciscan Sisters Conversion Series: Sister Sharon

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July 07, 2020

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Sharon Paul reflects on what the Franciscan value of conversion means to her.

To me, CONVERSION takes a lifetime. It is challenging, on-going and exhausting. It began with Baptism, when I was gifted with Christ’s life in the soul and continued as I received the other sacraments.

These sacraments are the FUEL, especially the Eucharist, Penance and Confirmation, that keep my body and soul in rhythm, by being open to the Lord, withstanding worldly ways and in living the Gospel daily. The KEY to conversion is my relationship to the Lord and in using my God-given talents in furthering His Kingdom, by having a listening ear to His designs and in co-operating with others.

I live out conversion as a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity, by following the Rule of St. Francis as a member of St. Benedict’s Convent, Cambridge, Ohio, with my Sisters in community. Prayer, silence and conversion, in listening to the Lord’s direction, is essential. Matthew 18:3 says: “Unless you become like a little child you cannot enter Heaven.” Some helps in furthering the Lord’s relationship in my life are:

  • Daily Meditation, Mass and Eucharist
  • Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer in Community and once a week with parishioners
  • Adoration & Benediction on Wednesdays at 4:00 P.M.
  • Prayer Group each Monday with St. Vincent de Paul Group
  • Spiritual Reading, Magazines, Books, Speakers and Catholic Papers
  • Once a month Spiritual Discussion on the Sunday Liturgy & other Community Articles
  • Write original “Principles, and “Reflections”
  • Listen to outside speakers, programs, live or on the internet
  • Member of “Christ’s Life Group”

In the Apostolate, I strive to live out my God-given talents as a Pastoral Minister and Counselor at Christ Our Light Parish by serving at 8 Assisted Nursing & Rehab Facilities, two hospitals and three surrounding towns of homebound individuals. Some of the duties performed:

  • Attend all funerals & minister to the grieving, injured, sick, handicap, those on drugs, alcohol, single & divorced
  • Refer the poor, hungry or needy for help in town
  • Procure food, clothing and furniture for the needy
  • Recommend clients to mental help agencies, to Senior Center for meals and transportation
  • Work with our Pastor and Pastor Emeritus in anointing and returning ones back to the faith
  • Work with many different cultures

Respect God’s Creation by:

  • Being thankful for what we have
  • Conserve water
  • Recycle paper, glass and cans
  • Support Right to Life by attending fundraisers

Attend Community, Church & School Events:

  • Auction and fund raisers
  • Plays, sports, programs and musicals
  • Sing in Thanksgiving Ecumenical Choir, Lenten Speakers and Luncheons
  • Respect and be attentive to other cultures
  • Work on a Sacred Concert to raise monies for a Parish & School in Haiti

I learn from others far more than I give. Sometimes, it takes time to examine my own beliefs and biases, and to work with one another for a shared vision. YES, CONVERSION is never ending. It’s constantly turning from worldly matters and ways and I have to keep my gaze on JESUS. “They stand fast in the Lord.” (1 Thes. 3:8) Each day, I continue to strive for conversion and LIVE the spirit of the Beatitudes by Living the Gospel, in hope, for the Lord says in Matthew 28:20: “…I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS UNTIL THE END OF THE AGE!”

Article Comments:

Eugene Mailot 07/07/2020 @ 5:47 pm

Wow a very beautiful article written by our own Sr Sharon Paul here at St Benedict’s Cambridge Well written and spoken in the different categories I know Sr Sharon and all of her work done at St Benedict Cambridge a bubbly personality always smiling always on the run but such a lovable person that is why everyone she is around loves her. We are grateful to know her and for her service at St benedicts God Bless Sister Sharon as she continues her ministry and all the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity of Manitowac Wisconsin Stay Safe Sisters


John R and Cynthia C Hatfield 07/08/2020 @ 4:12 pm

Yes, Sr. Sharon is a very special person. As her sister, I watched Sharon grow into such a loving, caring person over the years in our family home and during her journey as a nun. Am proud and blessed to have such a sister in my life. Oh, the stories we can tell about our growing up years! Mother and Daddy were so proud of her and would be even more so to see her development in her sisterhood. Wonderful articles you write, Sis! You are such a great example to me always. Many prayers always and much love to you!


Carolyn & Larry Paul 07/08/2020 @ 5:12 pm

Sister Sharon is a blessing to all she comes in contact with. She strives to meet every situation with a positive attitude. Her faith is strong and shared with those in their time of need, with young and old, or when celebrating a special occasion. She always has time for one more task. She is truly a Nun on the run, smiling all the way. May God Bless you always.


Kathi Albertson 07/08/2020 @ 10:00 pm

I knew of Sister Sharon’s work with those in nursing homes and the home bound but was not aware that she worked with those fighting a drug or alcohol illness. I am impressed and believe that she has the energy and heart to be effective with those who need her help.


Edward J. McCoul 06/23/2024 @ 8:22 am

“In Loving Memory of Sister Sharon Paul” by Edward J. McCoul

In the quiet halls of Christ Our Light,
Where prayers ascend said just right,
Sister Sharon walked with grace and care,
A beacon of love, beyond compare.

Her God-given talents, a radiant flame,
Guided her steps, in Jesus’ Holy Name,
Pastoral minister, counselor true,
She touched hearts, as only angels do.

To nursing homes and rehab centers she’d go,
To hospitals, homes, where hearts overflow.
In nearby towns her presence a light,
Bringing solace and hope in God’s sight.

Worldly matters, she’d turn away,
Fixing her gaze on Jesus, come what may.
The Beatitudes lived, the Gospel embraced,
For she knew His promise: “I am with you,” He graced.

St. Benedict’s halls echo her name,
Her friendly smile, her unwavering aim.
Always on the go, yet time she’d find,
For one more task, one more soul to bind.

A blessing to all, her faith shining bright,
In moments of need, in joy’s pure light.
Her heart fueled by grace, her energy true,
Sister Sharon, we honor you.

Now, she rests with the Lord above,
Her legacy woven in threads of love.
May her spirit soar, forever free,
In the presence of the One she longed to be.


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