Franciscan Sisters’ Novice Directress Entrusted with Novices

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July 21, 2020

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Community Director Sister Natalie Binversie entrusted the care of Novices to Sister Kathleen Murphy in a recent ritual at Evening Prayer. Here are some of the words said marking this transition of a new Novice Directress.

Sister Natalie: Sister Kathleen…The Church’s Document on Formation states that the purpose of the Novitiate is to enable the Novices to learn the primary essentials of Religious Life and, in their search for the perfection of charity, to live out the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience, of which they will make profession in our Community through vow after completing their testing time.

We now entrust Sister Maria Guadalupe and Sister Mary Jane to you to carry out this purpose and the objectives stated in our Constitutions. Impart to them the values we hold and cherish in our lives as Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.

May the Lord be your light and may Mary, who cherished the words and deeds of her Son in her heart, be your model.

Sister Natalie:
Sister  Kathleen may the Lord of peace make you perfect and holy; and may you be kept safe and blameless, spirit, soul and body, for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. God has called you and He will not fail you.
(1 Thes. 5:23)

Closing Hymn: “The Blessing of St. Francis”


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Sister Anne Marie Lom 07/22/2020 @ 7:55 pm

Congratulations and promise of prayer to Sister Kathleen as you begin your important ministry. May God bless you!


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