Pray with Francis and Clare at October Discernment Retreat

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September 29, 2020

Are you wondering just what is the spirituality of Saints Francis and Clare? “Called to Pray with Francis and Clare” discernment retreat was created just for you. It is the first Zoom retreat model offered by our Franciscan Sister  of Christian Charity Sister Anne Marie Lom.

There is a conference each evening at 6:30 PM October 16-18. Beginning on October 17, there are also individual Spiritual Direction sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

The first conference is “Go Repair My Church” . The second conference is “Ritual Walk of St. Clare of Assisi”.

The retreatants are asked for topics for the last conference on Sunday. The topics covered in previous weekends were:

  • “A Typical Day in the Life of a Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity”
  • How did the Franciscan Movement influence the entire Church?
  • What are the Various Orders of Franciscans?
  • “Top Suggestions for Discernment”

Prepared handouts were presented via “screen sharing” on Zoom and then emailed to the participants. Thus far the young women have zoomed in from Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Maryland, and Colorado. They shared with each other on their own time as well as after the presentations.

Young women are also eagerly looking forward to a virtual tour of the Motherhouse which is in process. Visiting the Motherhouse is a very important part of their discernment process.

Interested in this discernment opportunity? Register here.


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