Omaha Napro Technology Training 2020

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December 01, 2020

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Renee Mirkes shares on the latest Napro Technology Training 2020 at Saint Paul VI Institute, Omaha, Nebraska.

As God would have it, the Saint Paul VI Institute’s second phase of their 2020 Educational Conference which was originally scheduled for the end of March was—you guessed it—delayed until September because of Covid-19. Most of the European contingency was unable to fly to Omaha for the event because of the travel ban, but the Nigerian contingent was allowed to come at the last minute. They—and we—were especially pleased, and I thought all of you would enjoy meeting the physicians/practitioners from Nigeria who were able to complete the 2020 NaProTechnology training conference. From right to left, please meet: Sr. Ann Ugweke, MSN, NP who is from Nigeria, but currently practicing in St. Louis, MO; Dr. Francis Achebe (MD, CFCMC, FCP, DFM, FCEI), St. Margaret’s Hospital & Maternity, Felele, LoKoja, Kogi State, Nigeria, MCD/CEO; Sr. Cecilia Adache, OSF (RN/RMIBNSC, CFCP, FCEI) Our Lady and St. Francis Catholic Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria, Hospital Administrator; Sr. Martha Agredo, OLA, Our Lady of Apostles Clinic, Tafabalewa, Buachi, Nigeria, Chief Medical Officer. They are wonderful icons of African joy and courage. God bless them and all our American attendees who are so committed to making our brand of women’s healthcare available throughout the world.

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