Celebrating a Convent Doughnut Palooza

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May 08, 2021

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity remember lovingly our Mothers this weekend. All of our Mothers often bring to mind special family times and often favorite foods. Our Sisters living in the Motherhouse, St Rita’s and St. Francis convent recently enjoyed a “Doughnut Palooza” during the Easter Season, provided by Sister Anne Turba’s sister Judy and her husband Mike along with their friends Dan and Sarah. It, too, had all the sights, sounds and smells of home.

Judy and Mike have wanted to do something to help the Community celebrate the end of COVID in our home and came up with this plan over the winter months. Judy made and cut out 210 doughnuts on Saturday and froze them until they came on Sunday. Mike and Dan fired up their deep fat fryers and the frying began!

Judy, Sister Mary Ann Spanjers and Sister Anne helped with applying a glaze or sugar cinnamon coating to the donuts.

The hot doughnuts were served in the cafeteria along with a choice of coffee, hot apple cider and warm, spiced wine. Sisters in the Motherhouse paired with Sisters in St. Rita’s and enjoyed their donuts and drinks together either in St. Rita’s, the cafeteria or outside. God was especially kind to us in bringing the sun out and supplying some warmth so people could enjoy the outdoors if desired. There was much joy and laughter as we spent the afternoon visiting with each other. We realized this was the first time the three houses had gathered together in over a year. It felt so good.

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