Water from the Rock by Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity

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July 05, 2021

As we continue to feature Sister Water these coming months, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Maria Guadalupe Martinez Lopez offers Water from the Rock.

“I took excerpts from the Old Testament and New Testament and put them together in a poem in my Theology class at Silver Lake College.  Sr. Mary Kolbe taught us the different typologies that foreshadowed Christ in the Old Testament. I used those ideas to make my poem for the Final Exam.  The main theme I wanted to express in this poem/ song is how Jesus quenches our thirst and deepest longings. At the same time there is an emphasis on the thirst of Jesus  for us. He hears the cry of the poor. As Mother Theresa heard Jesus say “I thirst,” we are also called to serve him and hear the cry of the poor.  Sr. Carol Juckem helped me to put the song and the music together. I want to give her credit, because I sent her the recorded beginning song and the lyrics with chords and she wrote the notes to the song with much detail.”

-Sister Maria Guadalupe Martinez Lopez, OSF

“Water From The Rock”© 2021 Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity; Written and sung by Sr. Maria Guadalupe Martinez Lopez, OSF; Steve Proszenyak, basic track recording, guitars and arrangement; Alex Meronek – Drums Recorded at Holy Family Music Conservatory: Endries Performance Hall Franciscan Center; Final Mix and mastering by Kyle Krukowski, Mad Scientist Audio Lab; Video Edited by Mike Hartwig


Water from the Red Sea is what Moses saw dividing

The people could now flee. God’s might is always abiding.

Water from the Rock is what Moses discovered

when he unlocked the fountain of our Lover. (Ex 17)


Water from our love is what The Crucified thirsts for.

Have mercy from above

Thank you, Jesus, our sins you bore. (Jn 19:28)


Water from the well Rachel gets for her cattle.

Jacob fell in love with her.

Marrying her was an uphill battle. (Gn 29)

Water from the cloud quenched the thirst of Elijah


God’s voice is not loud; it’s a whisper like a droplet. (1 Kgs 19:12)

Water from the wedding Jesus turned into wine.

Mary was the one telling, “Please obey this Son of mine.” (Jn 2:1-12)

Water Jesus wanted from the woman of Samaria

Little did the woman know of the faith that He planted. (Jn 4:1-42)


Water from the side of Jesus our Savior gushed forth as a tide of mercy from our Creator. (Jn 19:34)

Water from the Spirit is what Jesus gives to anyone thirsting

who believes that He lives. (Jn 7:37)


Article Comments:

Sr. Sharon Paul, O.S.F. 07/05/2021 @ 9:30 am

Thank you, Sr. Maria Guadalupe & Sr. Carol for the song: “Water From the Rock.” I used it for part of my meditation so thank you for sharing your gifts!


Sister Carla 07/06/2021 @ 9:43 am

Sister Maria Guadalupe, I love your song “Water From the Rock”. The Scriptural images drew me into God’s merciful kindness in the past and my thirst for him. Thank you for sharing.


Sister Hannah Johnecheck 07/07/2021 @ 3:53 pm

Sisters Maria Guadalupe and Carol, this is beautifully done!
What wonderful gifts! I am sure this song gives great delight to God.

I love the theme of water. The melody is also haunting and brings the listener right to the heart of Christ.


Sister Hannah Johnecheck 07/07/2021 @ 4:09 pm

I have been serving in the desert of Arizona 6 years. I could not help and comment more on the theme of water in your song and the need of water for life itself. The people, animals, and plants of the desert all long for water and go through great lengths for water. I think that is why I loved the them of water so much. To me it seemed that each time the word “water” was spoken in the song it was cry that God is life itself; and He is!


Sister Mary Ann Spanjers 07/13/2021 @ 9:01 am

Thank you Sister Maria Guadalupe for the beautiful, simple, profound, meaningful song telling the story of the depth of Jesus’ journey with us through the gift of water! Our need and desire for water from Jesus in our everyday lives is so Franciscan! It is through the element of water we find life for our bodies and our spirits. In my life I have come to an ever deeper appreciation of water as I live in the heat of the AZ desert in South Tucson. Without water there is no life, the rocks, sand, cacti of the desert help me appreciate the thirst I have for water in my physical and spiritual self!


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