Sister Water Featured Song: Gather At The Water by Sarah Hart

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July 31, 2021

This month, our Franciscan Sisters series of ‘Sister Water’ songs features Gather at the Water by Sarah Hart, her inspirational reflection on Baptismal Life and Calling.

Reflecting on growing up in southeast Ohio “My mom was part of a wonderful group of Catholic people…. They actually ended up buying a plot of land out in the Hocking Hills… we’d go out there on weekends, and we would have Mass and right beside there was this creek. So all through Mass we’d hear the rushing of this creek. So writing “Gather At The Water” I had that imagery.

”The way the song was written kind of harkened back to my Appalachian Music roots.”

“When we come to the Sacrament of Baptism, that is what we do: we gather together… where we receive this gift of new life, where we are reminded by our Baptism we are consistently renewed.”

We invite you to feel inspired and renewed by viewing Sarah’s video of Gather at the Water, and after an exclusive interview with our Sr. Cecilia Joy Kugel, OSF

Video: Gather At The Water by Sarah Hart

“Gather At The Water” by Sarah Hart  is from the album “Sacrament”. Video features Jill Phillips, Andy Gullahorn, PJ Anderson and Paul Moak. @ 2018. ARR.

Video: Sarah Hart interviewed by Sr. Cecilia Joy Kugel, OSF

About Sarah Hart

Over years of balancing a family and multi-faceted musical career, Hart’s become a seasoned and grateful juggler, with a list of accomplishments that attest to her commitment to keeping all those balls in the air.

Hart most recently has been in the studio working on her eleventh full-length recording, “And Lovely It Is”. Sarah has been sitting in the producers chair for this collection of songs, along with co-producer Stephen Leiweke. This collection comes during a fruitful songwriting season for Hart. (Amy Grant,  Matt Maher, Laura Story, and Audrey Assad are among those who’ve recorded her songs, and Grant’s recording of “Better Than a Hallelujah” earned Hart a Best Gospel Song Grammy nomination. She has also had several song placements in film and television, and her songs appear in hymnals all across the world.

And avid writer, Sarah has also just published her fourth retreat book, “The Fruit of the Spirit”, which she presents across the country.)

“I think it’s all about life,” Hart says. “It’s all about faith and the human experience, and that’s what allows people to relate. You have to be in touch with that experience as an artist; fearlessness in that place of honesty, and being able to write, speak and sing from it is, for me, the key.” Read more



We will gather at the water, gather at the water.

We will gather at the water and receive new life


From the first of creation,

love breathed upon the waters,

beyond oceans to this font.


Now, in this beginning,

in this goodness flowing,

receive the welcome of our God.


When the red sea was parted,

love freed us from enslavement,

still he makes a way for us.


Just as He stood in the Jordan,

He is standing with you.

Receive the mercy of our God.


You are signed and sealed by love,

By name he has called you,

In grace he clothes you;

Receive the garment of our God.


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Sister Carla Riach 07/31/2021 @ 6:19 pm

I really love this song. The scripture references and connection to the Rite of Baptism are so meaningful. The melody is catchy. Thank you Sarah and thank you Sister Cecelia Joy for sharing it with us.


Sister Anne Marie Lom 08/01/2021 @ 10:51 am

This is an exquisite presentation of a lively faith and a beautiful song. I enjoyed the personal touch that Sister Cecilia Joy added in the interview. Thank you so very much for making this available. I hope to use this song as an opening prayer in some of my Spiritual Direction sessions.


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