Our Lady of Guadalupe Convent Reports on Recent Respect Life Events

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September 27, 2021

Franciscan Sister Sue Ann Hall shares on September Respect Life events at Our Lady of Guadalupe Convent, St. Louis, Missouri, a hospitality house of the Diocese of St. Louis.

I’m looking out our backyard windows and still seeing the beauty of the red and white roses. They have blest our Chapel and dining room table. It has been a great season for the flowers.

Last Sunday we attended a Mass at the Cathedral for First Responders. The fire department set up a huge flag between two ladder fire trucks in front of the Cathedral and it was blowing in the wind. There was a Knights of Columbus honor guard plus the presentation of the Color Guard. After Mass there was a reception for everyone on the north ‘lawn’ of the Cathedral. Of course, Archbishop Mitchel Rozanski had the Mass and mingled with the people.

We were invited to the Archbishop Rozanski’s Prayer breakfast. The Rosary was at 6 a.m. which we had the privilege to lead; followed by Mass, breakfast and a talk from the Archbishop, all about respecting life. One of our state representatives is right now preparing a bill similar to the one in Texas for the state of Missouri.

40 Days for Life starts soon. We will see how the COVID will affect people coming. It’s our biggest time of the year for people to stop by and get a cookie or two after they pray. It’s the guys who remember the cookies.

As part of the 9/11 remembrance, in Forest Park on the Art Hill there were over 7.500 flags placed in the ground to remember those who were killed since 9/11. Each person’s picture and dog tag were on the flag and you could hear them clink in the wind. The flags weren’t the Memorial Day small ones put on the graves, but tall ones on metal poles. The bottom of the flag touched the top of my head. So these were no small flags. There here lots of people who came to see it and walk quietly around. The first responders to die on 9/11 were set up on the front side of the side walk. It, too, was “holy ground”.

The Respect Life Apostolate is having their Convention on the 17th of September. We are having a table and making chocolate chip cookies and putting them in baggies with a prayer car attached. One of the Respect Life ladies bought two bags of chips. I never saw such a huge bag of chips! We pulled together all of our photos and they are putting them together on a video that will run continuously throughout the day.

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Sister Anne Marie Lom 09/27/2021 @ 10:58 am

Thank you, Sisters Sue Ann and Delores for your ministry in service of LIFE in all stages! Your report is very helpful in knowing what is happening in St. Louis. May the Lord bless you abundantly and all those who work with you!


Sister Sharon Paul, O.S.F. 09/28/2021 @ 6:21 am

What blessings garnered in support of life! Blessings to you, Srs. Delores & Sue Ann, in your awesome ministries. You mentioned “40 Days for LIFE,” & our Sisters here attended our annual Fundraising Banquet through the Open Arms Pregnancy Center located here in Cambridge, OH, on Thursday & the featured speaker was SHAWN CARNEY, from Texas, the NATIONAL FOUNDER of the “40 DAYS for LIFE.” His speech was thought provoking & he said we are “WINNING the battle on LIFE” & the Lord can move mountains so keep up your dedicated labors!


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