Franciscan Sisters On The Road to All Saints School Mass, Antigo Wisconsin

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October 21, 2021

Recently, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were blessed to pray with the All Saints School Children in Antigo, Wisconsin. The first person we met on site was the proud door keeper, the kind soul who maintains the daily needs of the buildings. It was evident that he looks upon his work as a ministry.

As the students soon arrived, so did many members of the community. Right side was designated for the children who were well spaced in the pews. Since it was crazy day in school, it was evident that the school uniform was transformed for the day. Colored hair was the most noticeably unusual.

Pastor Father Joel Sember presided over the liturgy. The depth of his homily was certainly  appreciated by adults and children considering the crowd. He was excellent in addressing science concepts with theology to support a well-grounded Catholic education.

We noticed some Franciscan influence in the Church. St. Anthony of Padua statue was inviting to anyone needing intercession for a special intention.

On the way out we met a mother and daughter who actually remembered our Sister Jean Anne Moser as a teacher. It is always a joy to hear of one of our Sister’s goodness and to meet former students. Maybe that’s why we enjoy showing up at these school Masses. It is wonderful to ever be reminded that Sisters and  teachers do make an impact on future generations.

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