Mike Aquilina Interview by Franciscan Sister

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

November 04, 2021

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Cecilia Joy Kugel interviews Mike Aquilina on his recent book “The Healing Imperative”. Jesus healed people during His ministry on Earth, and continues to heal people through the many men and women in healthcare. Yet, how were hospitals created and what purpose did they serve in the early Church? Mike Aquilina is the author of “The Healing Imperative: The Early Church and the Invention of Medicine as We Know It.” Hear how he became interested in studying the early Church, and early Church fathers, as well as his inspiration behind the book.

Mike Aquilina is author or editor of more than fifty books, including The Fathers of the Church, The Mass of the Early Christians, and Angels of God. https://fathersofthechurch.com/ He has co-authored books with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dion DiMucci, theologian Scott Hahn, and singer-songwriter John Michael Talbot, among others. His works have been translated into many languages, from Hungarian and Portuguese to German and Braille. The Grail Code has appeared in ten languages since its publication in 2006. Mike has co-hosted eleven thirteen-week series that air on the Eternal Word Television Network. He is solo host of two feature-length documentaries. He appears weekly on radio’s “Sonrise Morning Show” and is a frequent guest on other TV and radio shows. In 2011 Mike was a featured presenter of the U.S. Bishops’ Leadership Institute. He wrote the USCCB’s theological reflection for Catechetical Sunday in 2011. Since 2002 he has collaborated closely with the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, which he has served as an executive and trustee. He is a contributing editor to Angelus News, and he podcasts twice monthly for CatholicCulture.org

Feel free to buy a copy of “The Healing Imperative” from Amazon, or even more reasonable at https://catholicbooksdirect.com/.

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