Franciscan Sisters offer Single Catholic Women 20-35 Online and In Person Discernment Events and Resources designed for them

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

March 11, 2022

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity offer Single Catholic Women 20-35 Online and In Person Discernment Events and Resources designed for them.

According to Sister Anne Marie Lom, OSF Spiritual Director and Retreat Minister, “Discernment is not for the faint hearted! Discernment is choosing between two good courses of action with the assistance of the Holy Spirit and other individuals. When discerning, my first question is always, “With whom?”. Discernment is a communal process, not an isolated one. One discerns with a spiritual director, with the input of family, friends, teachers, mentors, clergy etc. “

A special retreat experience or vocation visit can be an insightful and inspiring step forward, moving from discernment to action in following God’s will. Upcoming opportunities include:

Called to Pray with Saints Francis and Clare

Prayerfully join us for this Franciscan-focused virtual retreat March 18-20, with a conference each evening and individual spiritual direction. Discern how God is working in your life and calling you. Franciscan Sister Anne Marie Lom facilitates this discernment event. By immersing ourselves into the prayer of Saints Francis and Clare, we will unfold how God is working in our lives in this twenty-first century.

“In our Praying with Francis and Clare, we explore how God called each of them in a unique way to religious life. In experiencing their call, praying their words, and responding to questions applying their experience to ours, we learn how to better discern our call to both an active and/or contemplative life as a religious. ”

Career or Calling: Young adult women are at a decisive time of life. Our Sisters respect your life experiences, perspective and gifts of those with professional responsibilities and educational goals while still young adults. Talents and background in a variety of areas, from social services to health care to education to IT skills may be part of God’s plan in a Franciscan ministry.

As you take time for quiet and personal prayer, we are here willing to listen. If you have questions about the call to be a Franciscan Sister or would appreciate talking to a trained spiritual director, please call or text Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632. Now is a good time to take steps in discernment.

Design Your Own Convent Visit

You are invited to come visit us at our Wisconsin Motherhouse or one of our convents in various geographic locations for a portion of a day or a few days while discerning God’s call. It is our best way of sharing our spirit with you. Meet those in Initial Formation, and also many of our Sisters who have fully lived our Franciscan vocation with experiences to share. Dates can be quite flexible.

Spring 2022: We will be offering an Icon Retreat for those who have expressed a desire to discern with this experience. Each person will choose a saint and pray with that holy one of God for the weekend as the icon is written.

“Discernment can be challenging because one is asked to put aside personal preferences, comfort, preconceived notions, prejudices, and self-will. A person in discernment may be encouraged to read, study, pray, interview, and become knowledgeable regarding alternatives. One may be asked to “test” the choice by seeing if health, spiritual development, openness and docility are present. Seasoned religious help in the discernment process by observing and giving honest feedback as to the ability of the person to live the call on a day-to-day basis. Prayer is incorporated into the process along with others and with Jesus as the center.”

Since 1869, we Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity have served in Catholic Health Care, Education, Campus Ministry and Parish-Community Service throughout the United States. From Missions on Dioceses in Arizona, to the Dioceses of Lincoln and Omaha; from Columbus and Steubenville, to Mississippi, and Wisconsin and Michigan. Recently, Discerning women have been joining us from North Carolina, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin and Colorado.

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