When a Franciscan Sister Celebrates 100th Birthday

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

May 07, 2022

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity celebrated Sister Cabrini Schmidt’s 100 birthday not once, but twice.  Our  Sisters serving  our  Sisters  in  St.  Rita’s Health Center made sure of  it.  Here’s their take on these precious days.

We specially celebrated Sister Cabrini Schmidt on her 100h birthday, April 4th. The Sisters in St. Rita Health Center and the Sister Team members went all out to make her day very memorable with a celebration on St. Rita’s 4th floor where Sister lives in community.

Since at that time we had some COVID restrictions, her all Community gathering was postponed as well as Sister Cabrini’s family coming to help her celebrate. Nonetheless, her family did come and many other of our Sisters were able to join in the fun a little later.  We congratulate Sister Cabrini for becoming our second living Centenarian. We thank God for Sister’s presence in each of our lives and our Franciscan Community.


Article Comments:

Sister Anne Marie Lom 05/07/2022 @ 8:27 am

What a great milestone for her and for our Community! God bless Sister Cabrini!


Sister Sharon Paul, O.S.F. 05/08/2022 @ 4:37 pm

Sr. Cabrini, CONGRATULATIONS to you! Remember our blessed & challenging days at Bloomington? We were able to stay another year to help make the transition from our Community Principal to a lay Principal a smoother transition. In the end we were able to hire a Religious brother as Principal. God was GREAT! I remember what a great job you did in teaching the second graders. Thank you!
We had a Going Away Celebration for the people & our theme was: “Something of Ourselves Remain Wherever We Have Been.” We invited former Sisters & lay teachers who served at the school to return. This was our former Sisters St. Thomas & Clare Wegmann’s home parish & Sr. Julia’s.


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