Vocation Profile: Franciscan Sister Mary Teresa Bettag

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

November 12, 2022

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Temporary Professed Sister Mary Teresa Bettag shares on her call to be a Franciscan Sister and some of her personal favorites. She is currently teaching Theology at Yuma Catholic High School, Yuma, Arizona, as well as enjoying being a coach in the after-school sports program.

Name : Sr. Mary Teresa Bettag

Level in formation: 4th year of temporary vows

Parish: Ss. Cyril & Methodius, Sheboygan

Are there any books that you love so much that you have read them twice (or more)?

Yes!  One is called A Priest for All Reasons because it was written by my Grandpa about his younger brother.  Another is John Paul the Great by Peggy Noonan – he always inspires me.

When you find yourself with a “free night,” what is something you are likely to do?

Go to sporting events at the high school that I teach at – any and all!  I coach cross-country and track, but I also run the scoreboard for basketball and am the ball girl for soccer.  I love going to those events and being present with them.

What do you remember from your First Communion?

I remember how I knew it was special because my godfather from Ohio drove all the way in for it.

Where is one of your favorite places to pray, and what makes it special to you?

The chapel at Yuma Catholic High School where I teach.  I have the key to the chapel and during my free period I go there to pray – I have it all to myself.  It’s a beautiful spot, and pretty special to have it to myself.  Plus, being in our high school chapel reminds me to pray for the students I teach.

What role has the Eucharist played in your discernment?

My parents go to daily Mass together most mornings, which was a beautiful witness to me growing up.  So when they asked me to try to go to daily Mass some mornings in college, I did.  It was there that I met the Sisters that the Lord would later call me to join.  Literally brought together through the Eucharist.

Which saint should people invoke for your vocation and why?

John Paul II.  I was born in Denver during World Youth Day 1993, so I’ve always loved John Paul II.  We love a lot of the same things: young people, the mountains, being outdoors…plus, I think he really believed that we are all called to greatness, to deep prayer, to authentic relationships.  I love that!  He makes me want to be my best self.

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