Celebrating Franciscan Sisters’ 153rd Founders’ Day Anniversary

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

December 13, 2022

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Novice Directress Sister Kathleen Murphy highlights Founders’ Day activities for our 153rd anniversary on November 9. Novice Sister Catherine Peter Logan’s research is shared with the whole Community and now with you.

Founders’ Day 2022 was a blessing which initiated Founders’ Week, a time of focus on our Community’s aim to remain rooted in prayer. Our November 9th commemoration found Sister Catherine Peter Logan opening a set of prayer stations celebrating various aspects of our history through meditative readings and actions. Stations aimed to be spots of beauty displaying photos and artifacts. Each also was stocked with copies of a station guide sheet composed by Sister Catherine Peter. These sheets presented some historical background, a reflection and directions for a meditative action. Materials for completing each action were supplied at each station.

Each day of Founders’ week found sisters sitting at the various stations or walking quietly among the many archival treasures displayed. Themes presented in the stations included: Mission Tree (Reflections on our Mission experiences); God’s Presence (Our ministry in Bapchule over the decades); Seasons of Change (Use of technology in our history); Our Father’s Love (Changes in the form of our prayer over time); Divine Providence (Our health care ministry of Holy Family Memorial Hospital); and Gift of Music (Our heritage in the fine arts particularly through the ministry of Holy Family Conservatory).

Sister Catherine Peter also provided a website which gave a feel for the whole prayerful experience. You may find this site at https://fsccprayer.wixsite.com/prayer. Sister also plans to make a DVD of the stations along with copies of the reflection sheets for each station available this summer for those who did not get to visit during Founders’ Week.

The week reminded us all of the many ways God has blessed us in the past, of how he blesses us with so many prayerful Sisters now, and what a graced future awaits us in the gifts and prayerfulness of the young.


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