Synod: African Song and On-line Course

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 08, 2023

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity continue to focus on the on-going work of the General Secretariat for the Synod this new year. As we begin Ordinary Time, it seems fitting to share a Synodality Song Walking Together from the people of Africa and for those who are able, consider a January multilingual online course to be held in Spring 2023 exploring the theme of synodality. The 4-stage course would be offered in Italian, with simultaneous translation in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Theoretical and practical scope

The synodality course seeks to offer a “wide-ranging theological and pastoral preparation with the objective of providing the Christian community with a model for the communal exercise of Christian thinking and acting.”

According to the press release, the course will consist of four stages, including 3 academic modules and a residential meeting.

“They will deal with topics related to the synodal process: what is synodality? Is it in line with what is expressed in the Magisterium of the Church and Canon Law? How is it possible to live it in the Church?”

Open to all

Registration closes on January 15, 2023 and can be found at the website of Sophia University Institute.

Based in the central Italian town of Loppiano, the Focolare-run university is hosting the course through its Evangelii Gaudium Centre.

Cardinal Mario Grech, Secretary General of the Synod, will offer the first introductory lecture on 17 January.

Anyone can take part in the course, including bishops, pastoral workers, priests, consecrated men and women, seminarians, and lay people.

Participants can choose to follow the entire course or single modules.

More information on the course can be found at the link.

Article Comments:

Sister Kathleen 01/08/2023 @ 9:56 am

This seems to embody the true spirit of the Synod. It is inspiring to see young Catholics joyfully invested in the synodal process and understanding the call to participation and discernment throughout the Body of Christ. The unique expressions of each one’s voice and dance call us all to bring our gifts to the Church! Thank you for sharing this as our Epiphany gift!


Sister Anne Marie Lom 01/08/2023 @ 11:00 am

Thank you for sharing the very lively and musical piece and for informing us about the course. I appreciate the information and the experience of another culture.


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