Family: Reunion of Franciscan Sister and Music Student

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 24, 2023

Jason Kutz took piano lessons from Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mary Carol Kopecky for several years until he graduated from high school. The reunion following a Franciscan Music Center Concert Series Performance of Mr. Chair jazz ensemble from Madison was joyous for both of them! Indeed, music teachers can become part of wholesome family memories when growing up.

Jason could not say enough kind words and compliments about Sister Mary Carol and her excellence as a Holy Family Conservatory piano teacher. He told the audience he learned a great deal because of her patience, encouragement, and ability to know exactly when to put new challenges before him. After studying with Sister Mary Carol, Jason became a classically trained pianist, educator and a professional concert performer.

Jason Kutz grew up in Kiel, Wisconsin. He studied piano and percussion at a young age, and eventually went on to receive his B.M. in Recording Technology/Music Industry from UW Oshkosh and M.M. in Piano Performance from UW Madison, studying both classical and jazz. He still resides in Madison where he works as a pianist, composer, teacher, arranger, artist, graphic designer, and sound engineer.

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Sister Anne Marie Lom 01/24/2023 @ 6:38 am

I witnessed this reunion and how happy Sister Mary Carol and Jason were to reconnect. If you ever get the opportunity to hear Mr. Chair Jazz Ensemble perform, do take it. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert!


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