Postulant Experiences St. Paul Elder Services

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

February 13, 2023

Postulant Michelle Ozuna reflects on life at St. Paul Convent and serving at St. Paul Elder Services, Kaukauna, Wisconsin.

For my mission experience I was honored to visit the Sisters on mission in Kaukauna at St. Paul Elder Services. Sister Delores Wisnicky and Sister Charleen Acker were so hospitable and welcoming. The convent was very peaceful which was of high importance. Going out day after day and being such a light and spiritual mother to so many in the St. Paul Elder Services community of residents, staff, visitors, and volunteers requires a great deal of prayer and inner peace.

Something that also stood out to me was how both Sisters on mission really worked together and how their many varying talents complimented each other’s and all were unified in serving the same mission even though their daily lives may look a little different.

The residents of St. Paul Elder Service are very well nourished spiritually and physically in every moment of their journey here on earth and towards heaven. I was able to witness the way residents are honored in a very special way. After they pass from this world to the next residents are honored with the placement of a quilted blanket symbolic of God’s love for them and prayer, a reading of Psalm 23 and singing of Amazing Grace followed by a beautiful procession of loved ones including family, friends and staff.

It was truly amazing to see the level of accompaniment offered by the spiritual care team ministry. I now have a better understanding of what life on mission might look like and the importance of really unwrapping our graces given to us for the service of others.

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