Novice Experiences Michigan Mission Site

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

February 17, 2023

Novice Sister Catherine Peter Logan reflects on SEEK 2023 and days at St. Anne Convent, Chassell, Michigan.

This year’s Novice mission experience began at SEEK. Michelle and I traveled with Sister Jacqueline Spaniola, Sister Linda Brandes and the Yooper crew of 140 students (Michigan Tech, Northern, LSSU) to join 17,000 young adults in St. Louis for five days of Mass, prayer, speakers, and fellowship. This was my first experience at an event of this size of being an outward sign of consecration to Jesus, through our amazing Catholic church, as a habited Religious Sister in formation. By simply saying hello, so many doors were opened to talk about faith, potential vocations, and life. To feel and see God working was truly a treasure of an experience like no other.

After SEEK, I traveled to Chassell, Michigan. Sister Jacqueline showed me St. Al’s at Michigan Tech and shared about her campus ministry work with Fr. Ben and Fr. Tom. It was wonderful to interact with students from the SEEK trip and to see so many new faces during Mass. We were able to help with the 1st night of the Ice Chapel build which was hard work but a lot of fun. See link for more photos.

Then I headed down to L’Anse with Sister Hannah to Sacred Heart Catholic School where she teaches a combined 1st and 2nd Grade. It was fun to watch the kiddos enthusiasm and excitement as they learned. Of course, my favorite time was recess, where we figured out ways to sled with six kiddos at once!

I also joined Sister Linda for her weekly pastoral ministry work through visits and a group rosary at a couple of her nursing homes. During my stay we enjoyed great meals, conversation, prayer, and ice skating. I only had a glimpse of parts of the ministries of the Chassell mission but I could see an impact each one of our Sisters is making as they allow God to work through them and their gifts and talents. Pax et Bonum!


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