Searching for Angels: Chilton, Middleton, West Bend

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

May 29, 2023

In the coming months, especially on the feast of the Guardian Angels October 2, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity hope to share the beauty of ‘angel stained glass windows” or other inspiring angel images  from a number of Catholic parishes in the United States and with your help, search for many more. We begin first with images from Good Shepherd, Chilton, Wisconsin, St. Bernard, Middleton, Wisconsin and Holy Angels, West Bend, Wisconsin.

If you have a favorite stained glass window of these heavenly messengers of God, please email or text 930-323-9632. Please include the name of the Catholic Church and its location. 

Good Shepherd, Chilton, Wisconsin

In 1995 the six parishes also consolidated to create Chilton Area Catholic Ministry. n 2005 the Chilton Area Catholic Ministry dissolved and became one parish known as Good Shepherd Parish. Good Shepherd is a Catholic community dedicated to worship, education, moral values and social justice by prayer, service and sharing through the Grace of God, for the salvation of all.

You will want to come and stop and pray in the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel on the same property as the Church. Current pastor is Fr. Jon Thorsen.

St. Bernard, Middleton, Wisconsin

From 1889 to 1940, St. Bernard was a mission parish of St. Peter Catholic Church in Ashton. Fr. Ferdinand A. Mack served as the first resident pastor from 1940 until his golden jubilee and retirement in 1981. Throughout those years, the parish grew and became very active – building a new church, rectory, opening a school, implementing a religious education program and establishing various parish groups. Gene Marrggraff of Universal Studios was asked to design the stained glass windows. He started with the “Mother’s Memorial”. The image here is just one small part of the whole window depicting St. Bernard’s love and devotion to Mary. Sandaled and pigtailed children are shown gathered around Mary along with their guardian angels. Fittingly this window was a gift from the Christian Mothers Society. Current pastor is Fr. Brian Wilk.

Holy Angels, West Bend, Wisconsin

From this parish’s website we learn that “there have been Catholics in the city of West Bend since it was founded in 1845, however the Congregation of Holy Angels can officially trace the start of it’s history to the year 1852.  By 1863 Holy Angels had outgrown the original building so two more lots were purchased, on the corner of 7th and Elm, and in 1866 a new church was built.  This new church was able to hold the parish for almost 50 years. But the congregation was again growing so in 1913 plans to build a new church started forming. Construction began in the summer of 1914 with a cornerstone laying ceremony taking place on August 9, 1914. On June 20, 1915 Archbishop Meismer formerly consecrated the new church building. Holy Angels has stood on the same spot for over 100 years.  It has some of  the areas largest and most beautiful stained glass windows.

Today the church’s mission is “to bring Christ’s love to our community through worship, education, service, and outreach.” Current Pastor is Fr. Howard Haase.

Share Your Favorite Angel Depiction

We rely on you, our visitors, to share with us your own favorite angel photos collected from your own parish church or a community of faith that caught your eye on a personal pilgrimage. Please send these 1 MB files to Sister Julie Ann at We look forward to your participation.

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